Fishing, One of the Finer Things in Life!



Cut a whole salmon into 4″ thick steaks. Fill a large stock pot (10 or 12 qt) 2/3rds full
of water. Bring to boil. Add 1 cup of salt, stir to dissolve completely. Add 1 cup
vinegar. Bring back to a boil. Add salmon steaks. Reduce heat to a slow rolling boil
for 45 minutes.

Remove salmon and rinse with cold water. Let stand 30 min or so to
cool. Flake apart, removing skin, bones, fat, and dark meat. Be careful! Too much
sampling at this point could reduce your supply of flakes. Refrigerate salmon flakes
for later use, keeps for several days.

Cooked flakes can be used to make Salmon
Patties, Salmon Loaf, and Salmon Salad, or create your own recipes. Could be used
in most recipes that call for canned salmon. Also great, plain, on a Ritz cracker.

* Recipes are for your personal use only, and are only posted as a guide for preparing your fish. As with all recipes, oven temperatures and cooking times will vary. Any recipes submited must not be under copyright, and all recipes posted are not known to be copyrighted.

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Fishing, one of the finer things in life!

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